Professional Organizations

The following are professional organizations that have an interested in Digital Citizenship or a related aspect.

Common Sense Media -

Common Sense Media is a non-partisan, non-profit organization with the mission of providing unbiased, independent information regarding how to thrive in the digital world. They recognize the impact that digital technologies are having on the development of social, emotional and physical skills of youth in the 21st century. They have developed a wide range of tools and resources for teachers, students and parents to assist in understanding how to utilize digital technology appropriately. They also have reviewed a wide range of movies, games, apps, websites, and music to rate the appropriateness of the content for specific age groups.

Creative Commons -

The Creative Commons organization was created in 2001 to respond to the growing challenges surrounding digital copyright with the explosion of online sharing. Part of their mission is to help individuals to share their knowledge and creativity with the world, creating a more open and resourceful digital space. They develop, support, and promote the legal and technical infrastructure to make it possible to share individuals creativity and innovation in an online space. Creative Commons licensing has major implications for examining issues of digital law, and digital rights and responsibilities when teaching students about the aspects of digital citizenship.


The International Society for Technology in Education is a membership-based organization that promotes the effective utilization of technology in the context of teaching and learning. The host an annual conference, and publish various resources including Learning & Leading with Technology magazine, many books, and webinars. One of their most well known resources are the ISTE NETS, which are National Educational Technology Standards, although they have been implemented worldwide. They also coordinate many Special Interest Groups (SIG's), and there is talk of the development of a SIG for Digital Citizenship.

MediaSmarts -

MediaSmarts - Canada's Center of Digital and Media Literacy, is a non-profit organization with the mission of assisting in the development of critical thinking skills in 21st century youth to help them become active and informed digital citizens. The have developed award-winning resources and programs on a wide variety of topics including privacy, cyber security, and excessive internet usage. Many of their resources use up to date statistics, and reference resources from other organizations that have been created to support their mission.

Think U Know -

Think U Know is a branch of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Center, based in the United Kingdom, that is dedicated to providing resources including films, games, and activities to help educate children and young people today about how to use technology safely. They have many downloadable resources including fact sheets and awareness guides and also provide free half day training events for people who work directly with children and youth. Over the last four years they have provided training for over 18, 000 professionals.